Chutneys and Relishes

Chilli Jam– Our first and still a firm favourite of our customers, A sweet Chilli jam with a hint of garlic and ginger. Delicious on cheese and biscuits, also great added to stir fries.

Piccalilli- A warming blend of vegetables and spices. Our traditional Piccalilli is perfect with cold meats and salad, an ideal picnic accompaniment.

Ploughman’s Pickle- As the name suggests our pickle is an ideal condiment for a traditional ploughman’s lunch. A mouth watering blend of crunchy vegetables, Spices and malt vinegar.

Smoky BBQ Relish-With summer fast approaching we have the perfect relish for any BBQ, sweet tomato and smoked paprika give this its

Pineapple Chutney- A sweet Chutney. The addition of onion and mustard seeds give it an Indian Feel, Perfect as an accompaniment to curry or barbecued food.

Spice Rubs and Seasonings

Tikka Seasoning- Our Tikka seasoning is perfect with Chicken or Lamb, just add natural yogurt and marinade the meat for a few hours then cook either in the oven or straight on the BBQ.

Tandoori Seasoning- Can be used the same as our tikka seasoning, works especially well with chicken legs.

American BBQ Seasoning- As the name suggests this spicy and smoky seasoning is ideal for BBQ season. Can be used on Burgers, Sausages, Steaks etc. Is also a great dry rub for American BBQ Brisket.

Cajun Seasoning-  This seasoning is perfect to liven up any meat dish, or used on potato wedges.

Moroccan Ras-El-Hanout- Ras-El-hanout means ‘top of the shop’ which refers to it being a mix of the best spices a shop has to offer. It gives a warm aromatic finish to its dishes and is a perfect addition to the classic Tagines of northern Africa.

Portuguese Peri-Peri Seasoning- Our take on a popular seasoning, perfect on Chicken. A favourite of ours is to marinate a whole chicken overnight with a pouch of seasoning mixed with olive oil and lemon juice, then roast the whole bird and serve with salad. perfect for a summer evening.

Mexican Fajita Seasoning- As the name suggests this is a perfect seasoning for your homemade fajitas.

Jamaican Jerk seasoning- This fiery spice blend is perfect on chicken pieces, marinate over night, grill or BBQ and serve with rice and peas and be taken away to the Caribbean, delightful!

Greek Seasoning- This herby seasoning is ideal to use on homemade kebabs, why not use it to make your own homemade Gyros.

Bengali Panch Phoron-